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Kate Kalin - Director, Kinesiologist, Coach

Kinesiology Consultant, M.A.(Hons) DTS, H.Dip.BC, Dip.LBC, EduK1, TFH, ITEC Dips.(Dist) Hol.Mass, A&P, Reflex, D&N.

Kate Kate Kalin is a Life, Performance and Kinesio-Coach™ from New Zealand who uses a unique combination of skills to work with her clients.

Kate combines kinesiology with modern coaching methods to help with any physical, emotional or behavioural challenge a client may present with. She conducted practical research into the use of kinesiology for the development of creative potential for her M.A.

Kate uses kinesiology to detect the underlying causes of challenges her clients face, and to help create unique ways of resolving the problem. Kate qualified with distinction as a Complementary Health Therapist adding diet and nutrition, reflexology and therapeutic massage to her portfolio, to be able to offer a 360 degree approach to health and performance. Kate believes that "when you feel better, you do better" in all aspects of your life.

Kate has over twenty years experience as a group facilitator and coach. Her background includes the delivery of training within industry for WINZ in N.Z. She has provided performing arts training in N.Z. and Ireland as well as personal development workshops for various organisations. See testimonials

These days Kate enjoys working with a broad spectrum of individuals in her own private practice, as well as providing workshops for groups. Currently her clients include PhD candidates and students facing exams, small business owners, adults with a wide range of physical, emotional or motivation issues, and children with behavioural, emotional or learning challenges. Read more about Kate.

Breda Hegarty - I.E.T. Advanced, Reiki II Practitioner

Breda Breda Hegarty is a Reiki practitioner and an Integrated Energy (I.E.T.) therapist who has worked in the holistic field for over seventeen years.

As a busy mother of three, Breda believes that these therapies are ideal for those who find themselves in hectic lives and have little time for themselves. "These treatments help us to reduce stress and find balance in our lives".

Reiki is a very relaxing, calming and nurturing experience. Life energy is directed exactly where it is needed in the body and mind, to balance, refresh and renew. Reiki is suitable and safe for adults and children.

Integrated Energy Therapy helps us to reconnect back to ourselves, releasing deeply rooted cellular memories to 'get the issues out of the tissues'. A person feels uplifted and has a great sense of wellbeing after a session.

Clients remain fully clothed for both therapies which are non-invasive, gentle and safe for those with any pre-existing conditions.

For further information or to book an appointment you can phone Breda on 0863035149.

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