Why is it so hard to keep promises
to ourselves?
Article by Kate Kalin

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"Organisational Spirituality: A Way Forward?" article by Kate Kalin

"Spirit and soul are not management techniques. They are available to us by personal commitment to their values. Soul and spirit are realities in us. They are aspects of who we are and are available to energize our working relationships. Organizations will far surpass what's considered acceptable performance when their leaders keep their eye on soul's purpose and their throttle on spirit's power."

Dr Allan Nohre

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"Psychophysical Training and the Development of Conscious Awareneness." by Kate Kalin

This research will be of particular interest to actor-trainers, performers and coaches who are interested in the application of kinesiology for developing enhanced awareness and creativity in their clients. Download introduction for free. Full text available on request.

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"Masterful Coaching by Robert Hargrove" book review by Kate Kalin

Robert Hargrove's substantial book covers a wide range of coaching concepts and techniques. Hargrove's notion of the "transformational coach" aims to "unleash the creatively productive contribution of the individual." Hargrove believes a masterful coach is primarily "someone who is a vision builder and value shaper....."

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origin : [Latin acumen, from acuere, to sharpen].