• My daughter appeared to be suffering from acute anxiety, wasn't sleeping and also suffered from a severe tic (head spasm). We had been discharged from hospital after being told there was no treatment and we would have to live with it. After our first visit to Kate the improvement was dramatic. Within two days there was a huge improvement and she started sleeping well. After three treatments and one with me she is back to normal. She loved her visits to Kate and we both looked forward to it. I would highly recommend Kate to anybody, child or adult.

    Anita Twohig, Mother, Cork City.

  • I went to visit Kate because I felt anxious and overwhelmed with trying to run a business and my conflicing desire to be a full-time mum, I am expecting my third baby. Kate was so helpful in putting me in touch with myself again, which helped me to feel stronger in myself and to be able to make strong life decisions.

    Kate was highly practical and from my initial meeting with her she came to facilitate a management meeting at work. This resulted in clear direction for the business with everyone knowing their role. I can't speak highly enough of Kate and her skills. I have since been to her three times and will not hesitate to return to her for help with any challenges I may need help with in the future. I am also planning to bring my 3 year old daughter to her.

    Richael Mulvihill, Joop Cafe Douglas, Cork.

  • I found Kate very intuitive about what's happening emotionally and physically. She is able to read the body and gain access to the subconscious mind very clearly and calmly. I gained a huge release of emotional stress, peace of mind, a sense of relief. I was unblocked emotionally and physically.

    Alex Kingston Secondary Teacher and Counsellor Deerpark School,Cork.

  • Our teenage son suffered from anxiety and panic attacks. Kate created a safe environment for him to deal with his condition, his concerns about his studies and some personal problems he was having. The muscle testing she used to gather information about what was causing his anxiety suited him because he didn't like to talk much.

    Kate gave him the confidence to believe he was capable of succeeding. She also addressed his diet and nutritional needs to help with mental resilience. Tom (not his real name) was able to manage his anxiety and he ended up getting much better results in his exams than was anticipated. We were all delighted with the outcome.

    Name withheld for privacy.

  • I have known Kate professionally for the past five years, and have referred numerous clients to Kate's clinic to complete their healing at the physical level of the body, as an adjunct to counselling therapy. All of my clients reported back positive experiences in working with Kate, and also shared how her unique techniques and interventions not only affected them in a deeply positive manner, but also seemed to speed up their rates of recovery. I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Kate as a therapeutic professional.

    Michael O'Brien, Clinical Manager, Pieta House, Waterford.

  • I had vertigo and didn't know what was causing it, even after conventional medical tests. Through Kate's Kinesiology I found out that the causes were complex, both mental and physical. I found out there were also aspects of my lifestyle which were causing the condition. Unlike conventional medicine where I would have tests and be given a pill to treat the symptoms, instead I learnt techniques for physical, mental and emotional self-care. I no longer suffer from vertigo and I'm feeling much better generally. I have much more vitality and my mind is much clearer as well.

    Becky Landry, Customer service representative, Cork.

  • Kate's whole approach was brilliant - straightforward, no rubbish, not airy-fairy. She got straight down to what was going on for me and I left knowing what I needed to do.

    Sean Lyons, Boat Sales and Repairs, Crosshaven Co Cork.

  • I found Kate's work helped my 21 month old daughter physically and emotionally. It is difficult to find a service that offers support to people at such a young age, especially when dealing with emotional stress in toddlers, and Kate took my concerns seriously and treated them sensitively. more

    Bethan O'Riordan - Psychotherapist, Blarney, County Cork.

  • I would like to thank Kate Kalin for sorting out my organisational deficiencies and improving my decision making capacities so as to make it possible to do this book at all. I thank Kate also for delving into the motivational foundations of this Irish academic and helping to change them.

    'Contemporary Theory of the Public Sphere' written by Pat O'Mahoney. Sociology Lecturer, UCC, Cork.

  • I went to Kate because I had huge difficulty sleeping. She completely turned it around. It made a major difference. I've always had lovely contact with Kate and I've recommended her to people. Those who went got great relief also.

    Mary O'Connell, Blackpool, Cork City.

  • Kate offers a very professional, excellent service. I got relief for a shoulder repetitive strain injury by doing just one session with her.

    Steven Reen, Cork City.

  • I've had several kinesiology treatments. It's top quality work. Kate is fantastic. I have 100% trust in her. She's always learning and improving.

    Rose Corbett, 'Doggie Doos' Dog Groomers. Cork City..

  • Kate is a gifted Kinesiologist and coach. I visited Kate while completing my PhD. Kate is unique in that she adopts a holistic approach and draws on techniques that harness both internal and external resources. more

    Dr. Elizabeth Weathers PhD, Bsc PGCTL, RGN Research Support Officer, U.C.C.

  • As an advanced PhD candidate facing the daunting task of moving beyond the safety of reading and research and into the terrifying domain of actually writing my dissertation, Kate's help is indispensable. more

    Richard Milner, Sociology PhD candidate, University College Cork.

  • Thank you Thank You Thank you Kate, I highly recommend this lady, I am so grateful for how she helped my beautiful special daughter. When I brought her to Kate, we were very stressed, Jess had become so withdrawn and we just did not know how to help her. With Kate's help and lots of love and amazing kinesiology, she helped Jess cope with her anxieties. Jess has been diagnosed with ASD [Autism Spectrum Disorder] but is doing awesome now, Love always xxx

    Marlene Griffin, K2C Martial Arts, North Gate, Cork City.

  • The kinesiology session with Kate was excellent. I found Kate to be very astute. She confirmed some things I had half guessed and also addressed other areas I wasn't aware of. The work was accurate and very helpful.

    Louise George, Yoga Teacher and Counsellor, Douglas, Cork.

  • Kate Kalin's coaching techniques have been the catalyst for a huge leap forward in my approach to my work and how it is done. During the time she worked with me I uncovered pitfalls in my methodology that I did not know existed. more

    Adrian Scanlan, Writer/Comedian, Snatch Comedy, Cork City, Ireland.

  • Kate helped myself and my husband focus on the important issues in our relationship. She helped us become aware of communication challenges between us and the need to resolve them in order to progress as a couple. Kate made us face up to our financial situation. She put us in the right frame of mind to deal with our financial dilemmas. more

    C Murphy (pseudonym), Bantry, Co. Cork, Ireland.

  • I am a sound engineer and musician and work on many different projects at the same time. Going to Kate helped me to focus on what was important, to coordinate the different projects and to prioritise the work to be done. She also helped me to push myself to get things done. more

    Christian Martin, Sound Engineer/Musician, Heart Strings Cork, Cork City, Ireland.

  • In the spring of 2007, I availed of Kate Kalin's Life Coaching expertise. Working with Kate helped me to move forward personally and professionally in my life, as she helped me to:
    • Clarify my values
    • Organise my time
    • Become more positive in my thinking and speaking
    • Generate motivation
    • Achieve my goals
    • Grow as a person more

    Noel R. Marian, Composer, Cork, Ireland.

  • I really enjoyed my sessions with Kate. She helped me to clarify and solve some issues that had been bothering me for a long time. Kate helped me to look within myself for the answers. more

    Tara O'Donoghue, Speech Therapy Student, Cork, Ireland.

  • Since I trained with Kate Kalin I am able to handle stress in positive ways and am far more confident about presenting myself to people. more

    Kirsten Corrigan, Teacher, Stratford, New Zealand.

  • Kate is a beautiful, passionate person whose heart is fully into giving everything she can from her vast reserve of energy, skills and experience. Since working with with Kate I am far more creative and assertive.more

    Dave Holland, Actor, New Plymouth, New Zealand.

  • Kate has a lively and enquiring mind with an astute and insightful approach to learning. She has a personal integrity which informs all aspects of her work. Kate is a determined and single-minded person who will not be daunted by a challenge. more

    Geraldine O'Neill, Outreach Director, Graffiti Theatre Company,
    (Theatre in Education Specialists) Cork City.

  • Working with Kate Kalin helped me to become more confident and able to maintain my self-esteem even in adverse situations. I have become a better listener - to others and to myself.more

    Tammy Thomson, Actor/Musician, New Plymouth, New Zealand.

  • It was my great pleasure to meet Kate Kalin in 1995 and observe a truly creative and dedicated teacher at work. Kate is that rare individual who has a strength of purpose and clear focus in her own life, yet the ability to empathise and sensitively lead people toward their own goals of personal achievement. I have only admiration for the results I saw her achieve.

    Gabrielle Barr, Director and Teacher, The Voice Studio,
    New Plymouth, New Zealand.

  • I have had the pleasure to work alongside Kate for the last couple of years. She is a true professional with so much integrity and heart that it can become quite humbling. Her standards of truth and diligence, her enthusiasm and directness are enjoyably infectious, especially when ladled with lashings of good humour. more

    Peter Hendry, Artistic Director, Taranaki School of Performing Arts,
    New Plymouth, New Zealand.

  • 'Voices of Cork' choir were very fortunate to find Kate. It was decided that the group would benefit from classes to help with stage presence, improve their self-esteem and foster personal development.

    Kate had a deep knowledge of her subject and enormous experience of working with adults with all sorts of personal challenges. She proved to have all the skills to help the participants improve themselves in every way. At the same time she made the sessions fun. more

    Angela Nicholls, Manager Voices of Cork, Cork City.

  • Kate worked with a group of physically disabled adults in our organisation. She demonstrated an ability to encourage and motivate the participants from an early stage of the process. Each meeting generated much excitement among the group. more

    Katherine Donovan, Training and Development Manager
    St Laurence Cheshire Home Cork, Ireland.

  • Kate Kalin trained and worked with me at the Performing Arts Company, New Plymouth over a period of four years from January 1992-1995. Kate used her drama training as a vehicle for the personal development and life skills that we taught.

    Kate trained in accelerated learning techniques, stress management, anger management, coping with grief, conflict resolution, goal setting, group process, creative imagery, relaxation and discipline methods. During this time we also produced two plays annually as part of our student's personal development programme. Kate took over my work when I left the Performing Arts Company and continued to develop creative drama programmes for personal development and later programmes for industry based (professional actors) training. more

    Helene Young Educational Kinesiologist, Personal Development Facilitator, Workplace Support Chaplain, Marriage Celebrant.

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